Love & Relationships: You’ll be amazed what you find when you’re not looking ♥

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He found me, after our world’s have lived in parallel for what seems like forever. The universe finally thought it was the right time.

Now he looks at me like I’m the only person in the room. He does this all the time. He’s done this since the first day we saw each other. I find myself doing the same.

He speaks to me as though he’s been waiting his entire life to tell me his stories. He’s done this since the first moment he introduced himself to me. I find myself doing the same.

He holds my hand in a way that feels like should he ever let go I would fall, and should i ever let go so would he.

He kisses me as if it’s my air that fuels his lungs, in a way that should my lips never meet his again he’d suffocate and die.

He listens to me so attentively it’s as though his favourite song rolls right off  my tongue. Memorizing every word.

And his voice; I would do anything to hear it, every single day.

I must have done something right in my life to be given everything I have ever asked for; wrapped up in one beautiful human being who wants nothing more from me but to love him.

So if I ever thought I was in love before {and boy did I ever think that} I couldn’t have been more was wrong, because nothing, in my entire life, ever felt like this.








Girls & Boys: The universe is conspiring against me!


There’s a boy! And he’s cute, he has green eyes and a beard and he is tall…and I want to say his name, out loud.

wordpress_i want him bad

It’s been a while now that we have been placed in each other’s space. And I have seen him around more often than before. Spent some time in each other’s company and just when i decide to do my S&S the universe throws him in my path….3 times today already. And the third time he was on my floor…he doesn’t even work on this floor…he has no need to be here. Did he take the stairs? And if so, to go where? Because he never came to my side of the building, he went the other way…again, where he has no need to be. I’m over thinking. Maybe it’s a short cut. If it is, he can take it anytime.

When I saw him the first time, this morning, I literally sang “hello” like an idiot and then ran away. I saw him the next time as I was about to go buy me some cake and when I saw him and he saw me I ran the other way and then i never bought cake….and I’m running. I don’t run.

Just now, I came from somewhere and as I turned the corner there he was again…here….in my space, I own this space, doesn’t he know that?! Why baby cheeesis are you doing this to me. I gave up booze and boys and you are throwing one in my face.

His voice. I like it.

This decision. May be my best one yet because it will be driven by something more than a “I’m taking you home tonight”

Single & Dating: At least with taps you know where you stand


Unless you had an idiot plumber your taps will always will be labelled hot or cold, a blue sticky or a red sticky…why can’t it be that easy with guys too? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell where you stand. So you end up standing away, far away. But maybe that is where you belong because the result is actually not worth the effort.

taps hot and cold

And let’s be honest, being single takes a lot of effort, when it doesn’t…then you know you have a good thing. But most times, effort is what it takes.

Men go through mood swings as much as women do right? Their highs and lows are the same as ours, we have just become pre-conditioned to think they are better at handling, expressing or hiding their’s. Maybe it’s an off day, but if his off day and my off day are the same day, that too, is trouble.

I digress, point is: some men should come with blue and red sticker or not make me come at all.

See what I did there…*insert one eyebrow raised emoji here*

Anyway, that’s all

Life & Relationships: Conversations with my favourite stranger


heart on sleeve

Would life be easier if choosing happiness was as easy as choosing what to wear?

‘Today I’ll wear a smile with my broken heart and hopefully people will believe I’m happy’

“Today I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve and dressing it up with my head squarely on my shoulders – wear what you want”

Feel like you must