Women & Relationships: When expectations become the executioner of your butterflies



I don’t have that much experience with romantic relationships at all, well, not in the traditional sense that is.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of lovers, some of them were pretty damn good {okay now I have a Barry White song stuck in my head} but when it comes down to it, I’ve chosen a lover countless times over a boyfriend because it’s just easier. Yes I have blamed my last relationship on my inability to move forward and have positive emotions etc, but that was a cowardly approach, because the truth is I just didn’t want to. I wanted to be free and I wanted to do what I wanted, when I wanted and with who I wanted.

The best things about a lover; no expectations, no rules, no labels…and for goodness sake no clinginess and dare I say no utterly unattractive neediness. And when you’re done with them, you move on, no break ups #bestever

There were times I thought it was what I wanted, I reached the point of being with a lover long enough to think a “next step” was needed…even if only to fulfill my frivolous need of having someone to tag in Facebook and Instagram posts, to having a permanent “plus one” because going through the tedious process of choosing a date was always just so arbitrary.

After The Architect dramatically ended things not too long ago I was all about using 2017 as my sabbatical year to just be selfish; with me, my time, my life, my stories…but I guess life decided that perhaps now would be the perfect time to send someone along, someone who finally wants me more than I want them, someone who would do anything for me as opposed to me doing everything for them…it was time though but it wasn’t expected, in fact, I never even saw it coming.

And so, here I am, after being single for three years, I find myself in a RELATIONSHIP!. An official one at that; not an imaginary one, one that I made up in my head, something was more than nothing…it’s real…he asked, I said no a few times just to keep it exciting…he kept asking and I acted more and more crazy just to test him…and no hey, he stayed, and he kept asking and eventually I thought “girl, you need to just give this one a go and for God’s sake, do it right!”.

*I can be quite convincing I must add

So eventually I said yes, and guess what {shock horror} it’s not exactly what I thought it would be. Dare I use that word “expected” again…it is not exactly what I expected it to be.

I expected an unlimited desire to want sexy time, an unquenching {not sure if this is a word} thirst for my man…I expected butterflies, jitters, nerves and a nauseatingly high need to want to throw up each time I was about to see him, but no, it was none of that, it is none of that.

Then I thought end it, this is not what you are used to, this is not what you normally feel, it’s not like all the other times…just end it. But another part of me though maybe that is the point, that it shouldn’t be like all the other times, because all the other times were disasters.


But not this time, he is lovely, kind, considerate and everyone likes him, I like him {enough}…and he likes me…my God, he actually likes me…through my tequila inhaling, pizza eating, potty mouth speaking ways…this man, for some ungodly reason actually likes me. And that was it, that was enough. And for now, it is enough for me to subdue my expectations before it kills something before it even had a proper chance.

{Aaaand now I have Barry White’s album on repeat…dammit}


….again….I should have known…my lack of feelings was the sign that just got louder and louder

Girls & Boys: The universe is conspiring against me!


There’s a boy! And he’s cute, he has green eyes and a beard and he is tall…and I want to say his name, out loud.

wordpress_i want him bad

It’s been a while now that we have been placed in each other’s space. And I have seen him around more often than before. Spent some time in each other’s company and just when i decide to do my S&S the universe throws him in my path….3 times today already. And the third time he was on my floor…he doesn’t even work on this floor…he has no need to be here. Did he take the stairs? And if so, to go where? Because he never came to my side of the building, he went the other way…again, where he has no need to be. I’m over thinking. Maybe it’s a short cut. If it is, he can take it anytime.

When I saw him the first time, this morning, I literally sang “hello” like an idiot and then ran away. I saw him the next time as I was about to go buy me some cake and when I saw him and he saw me I ran the other way and then i never bought cake….and I’m running. I don’t run.

Just now, I came from somewhere and as I turned the corner there he was again…here….in my space, I own this space, doesn’t he know that?! Why baby cheeesis are you doing this to me. I gave up booze and boys and you are throwing one in my face.

His voice. I like it.

This decision. May be my best one yet because it will be driven by something more than a “I’m taking you home tonight”

Single & Dating: At least with taps you know where you stand


Unless you had an idiot plumber your taps will always will be labelled hot or cold, a blue sticky or a red sticky…why can’t it be that easy with guys too? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell where you stand. So you end up standing away, far away. But maybe that is where you belong because the result is actually not worth the effort.

taps hot and cold

And let’s be honest, being single takes a lot of effort, when it doesn’t…then you know you have a good thing. But most times, effort is what it takes.

Men go through mood swings as much as women do right? Their highs and lows are the same as ours, we have just become pre-conditioned to think they are better at handling, expressing or hiding their’s. Maybe it’s an off day, but if his off day and my off day are the same day, that too, is trouble.

I digress, point is: some men should come with blue and red sticker or not make me come at all.

See what I did there…*insert one eyebrow raised emoji here*

Anyway, that’s all

Life & Relationships: Conversations with my favourite stranger


heart on sleeve

Would life be easier if choosing happiness was as easy as choosing what to wear?

‘Today I’ll wear a smile with my broken heart and hopefully people will believe I’m happy’

“Today I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve and dressing it up with my head squarely on my shoulders – wear what you want”

Feel like you must